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Taizhong group: happiness comes from continuous struggle

although there is no deafening sound of firecrackers, the smell of youth has not decreased at all, and their sense of happiness is stronger

"happiness comes from struggle!" p>

attaching too much importance to the happiness of workers comes from their struggle. Even during the Spring Festival, they did not stop fighting

busy worker master early in the morning of the fourth day of the first month, the author came to the mining equipment branch of Taizhong group, a tall and bright assembly workshop. As usual, the staff put in intense work at 7:30. Zhang Yuan, director of the office of the mining equipment branch of the branch company, is a very capable young man. With a happy face, he pointed to a giant standing tall at the scene and said, "look, this can also better eliminate environmental noise. This is the 35m3 excavator we just produced for Russia." Pointing to the busy people on the scene, he told the author: "this year, we signed four 20 cubic meter excavators with Russia, and now we are assembling the first one. No, after the Spring Festival, there will be another 'the Belt and Road' special train loading our excavators to Russia."

the author saw at the scene that some employees from relevant enterprises at home and abroad operate machine tools for the final processing of excavator parts; Some arrange the ventilation pipe of excavator; Some repair parts; More parts are being assembled and everything is in order. As all the most advanced numerical control equipment are used, the roar of the machine can hardly be heard

"is the Russian user the company in previous years?"

"no, this new user is the recycling of waste plastics of the Russian polar gold company. In addition to being an important way to turn waste into treasure and solve ecological environment pollution, it is located in the Olympic mine in the yarsk Yalda region of krask". Zhangzhiquan, the chief of the technical section of the branch plant, who was quick to talk, took over the conversation and said: "we are really happy today. First, the new year is coming and second, the production and operation situation of our branch is good. In this paper, we briefly introduce the one-way valve of the cement constant stress press. When the market is good, the enterprise will flourish and the employee income will increase greatly. How can we be unhappy?"

engrossed expression can be seen everywhere on the scene

the author learned that the Big Macs exported by Taichong to India and Russia are all on the "the Belt and Road" line. Since the first 20m3 excavator was shipped to India last year, the six extra large excavators that Taichong has sent to the Indian market have not only arrived safely, but also completed installation and commissioning. After the new year's day this year, the branch organized capable technical forces to go to India to focus on the "war of annihilation", and carried out surprise installation and commissioning day and night. It took only one month to "complete" the last two excavators. The Indians there were stunned by the "Chinese speed"

after the victory of the "Indian battlefield", the main target of the branch immediately shifted to Russia. Now there are not only 20 cubic meters of excavators, but also 35 cubic meters of excavators in the contract signed with Russia

"five years ago, when the Russian side bought the first excavator that was too heavy, it was very cautious. After repeated comparison with the American goods, it was found that the Chinese goods were better after repeated tests. Not only the technology was the most advanced, but the price was much lower. Since then, Russia has bought our products almost every year. At the beginning, our Chinese excavators were all imported by the big brother of the former Soviet Union, but now the big brother is the most optimistic about our excavators!" Zhangzhiquan's hearty laughter was full of pride

among the people working at the assembly site, Zhang Peng, director of the assembly department, said: "Since the Spring Festival, all our tasks have stepped into a tense stage. Every month, even every week and every day, we have set strict time nodes. The work has reached full load. Instead of complaining, our comrades are very optimistic. Everyone has endless energy. In addition to Russian products, there is also a 35 cubic meter excavator produced for Tibet Julong Copper Industry Co., Ltd., which is too heavy for the package The first set of 4500 ton dumping machine produced by steel... Now we are not worried that we have no work to do, but that we are worried that we have endless work to do. "

the author met Ma Jun, Secretary of the Party committee of the mining equipment branch. According to his introduction, their products are becoming more and more widely available in foreign markets. Now "Taichong" large excavators not only occupy most of the domestic markets, but also have entered more than a dozen countries, such as Russia, Pakistan, Peru, Kazakhstan, India, Myanmar, Mongolia, Chile, South Africa, Iran, Liberia, etc. Over the past six years, more than 70 large excavators have been exported, and 12 excavators were exported last year alone

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