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GSM access scheme of Guangdong Mobile boss system overview of the scheme business systems of Companies in various cities of Guangdong Mobile can call directly for consultation if they want to understand the quotation of the detailed experimental machine! Advantages of the electronic universal testing machine testing machine 1. The selection of components is solid, and the oil pump is an internal gear pump, which is being comprehensively switched to the boss system

with the strengthening of the management function of the boss system, while vigorously developing the agency sites, the municipal companies have gradually expanded the use of the agency sites, and also have to relocate sufficient personnel for the enterprises.

for the business halls and agency sites that are far away, The original recommended group mode of the boss system is wired dialing

the boss system uses A8010 as the dialing access server, and the access number is the number

network topology

considering the above situation, Shenzhen Huayu Technology Co., Ltd. has launched the boss wireless modem. The boss wireless modem is specially designed for the business hall and agent point of Guangdong Mobile to access the boss system

Huayu boss wireless modem connects to the application terminal, calls the connection ① of the boss system, removes the compression nut and enters the number. After passing the user name and password authentication, it enters the boss system authentication window, realizing the function of wireless access to the boss

the group mode is as follows:

circuit connection and data security are fully guaranteed

compared with GSM access mode, GPRS access mode is difficult to ensure data security because it needs to go through public transport, and important customers and billing data of mobile companies are mixed with ordinary user data. The GSM access is based on the circuit connected data display connection, and the business data is transmitted separately in one circuit, so there is no possibility of being hijacked, just as others cannot obtain the call information of two users

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