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On June 13-14, under the organization of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, Zhongfu Lianzhong participated in the 2012 UK offshore wind energy conference and exhibition. The exhibition is hosted by the UK Renewable Energy Agency "renewableuk" and is located in the concept car exhibition center of Excel London in 2019 International Rubber and plastic exhibition

as the only blade manufacturer in the exhibition, Zhongfu Lianzhong showed the visitors the innovative achievements of the built-in air conditioning room, circulating air duct and long shaft centrifugal fan in recent years, and highlighted its experience and advantages in offshore wind power projects. In addition, as offshore wind farms require larger and more efficient wind turbines, the 5M and 6MW wind turbine blades of Zhongfu Lianzhong institutions of higher learning just meet the market demand trend, attracting the attention and interest of a large number of visitors

it is understood that the British government is currently encouraging the construction and development of new energy to replace traditional thermal power generation, and is committed to building the world's largest offshore wind farm group. Therefore, the exhibition attracted international giant energy companies and top wind power equipment manufacturers to participate in the exhibition, and each of them showed their rich experience in the field of offshore wind energy and the latest excellent solutions

compared with the old wind power equipment enterprises in Europe, Zhongfu Lianzhong is not inferior because of its youth. Although the European wind power market has developed for many years, 5MW and above large units have just begun to become the mainstream of its offshore wind farms. Zhongfu Lianzhong started mass production of megawatt blades two years ago, basically keeping up with the pace of the European wind power market. As the main battlefield of European offshore wind power, the exhibition is a good opportunity for Zhongfu Lianzhong to actively explore the European offshore wind power market and lay a foundation for entering the European offshore wind power market in the future

after the exhibition, Zhongfu visited some local wind power enterprises in the UK and conducted docking exchanges, which not only better promoted the enterprise, but also further understood the market information of the UK and Europe

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