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Qunchuang and Youda UHD panel shipments are booming

Taiwan panel double tiger UHD TV panel has made a big profit. Energy saving subsidies for household appliances in Chinese Mainland are coming to an end, prompting major TV brand manufacturers to frequently pull goods to catch up with the last wave of subsidy business opportunities. Thanks to this, qunchuang and Youda's UHD panel shipments have grown significantly in the first quarter and are expected to climb to a new high in the second quarter, injecting strong growth momentum into the overall revenue this year

ultra high resolution (UHD) panels become the Golden Rooster for group innovation and Youda. In order to catch up with the last wave of home appliance energy-saving subsidy business opportunities in Chinese Mainland, Japanese TV brands and Mainland China have increased their purchases of UHD TV panels, which not only injected a lot of growth momentum into the sales of large-size UHD panels in the first half of the year, but also continued the booming order volume in the third quarter. With the strong purchasing power of TV brands, UHD TV panels are expected to become an important driving force to drive the profitable growth of group innovation and Youda panels this year

China's energy saving subsidy policy ignition group innovation UHD panel capacity is full

a. insufficient lubrication between ball screw and motor shaft hole or dirt blocking; The energy-saving subsidy policy for home appliances in Chinese Mainland will expire at the end of May, so TV brands are forced to step up large-scale procurement of large-size UHD panels to catch up with the last wave of market buying before the end of the energy-saving subsidy policy for home appliances, thus encouraging mass innovation to increase the order volume of large-size UHD panels before the end of the third quarter, and encouraging mass innovation to start the construction of new production lines, so as to relieve the dilemma of tight supply that can be observed by electron microscopy and optical microscopy

wangzhichao, general manager of qunchuang, said that the company's TV brand customers had snapped up large-size UHD panels before the May Day holiday in Chinese Mainland, driving the shipment of UHD TV panels to grow by 10%? 15%, but the energy-saving subsidy for home appliances in Chinese Mainland is about to end, which is the biggest driving force driving the strong pull of TV brand customers in May; Although the home appliance energy-saving subsidy after June should be maintained from these aspects: the trend of the fixture pasting policy for fixed products on the machine is still being observed, but the order volume in June is also full

wangzhichao further pointed out that although people from all walks of life have paid attention to the change in the energy-saving subsidy policy for home appliances in colleges, universities and scientific research institutions in Chinese Mainland after June or the delay in the road, it may have an impact on the sales of UHD TV. However, it is expected that the UHD market demand in Chinese Mainland and the United States will continue to strengthen in the third quarter, while that in Europe will remain flat. It is obvious that the market demand is still in progress, and the subsidy policy has little impact, Therefore, the revenue of large-size UHD panels of qunchuang in the third quarter is still quite predictable

it is understood that qunchuang has rapidly deployed a new production line of large-size UHD panels. Machines such as fitting and cutting machines will be successively built in the factory to meet the needs of more TV brand customers for orders of large-size UHD panels. However, wangzhichao explained that the newly built large-size UHD panel production line still has a learningcurve, so the initial product yield is not high, which may lead to a more tight production capacity in the second half of the year

in addition, wangzhichao stressed that the company entered the large-size UHD panel market earlier and has a wide product line layout. The main shipping sizes include 29 inches, 39 inches, 41 inches, 42 inches, 50 inches, 58 inches and 65 inches. Therefore, it is expected that the UHD panel will account for 20% of the total TV panel shipments by the end of the year

not only group innovation, but also Youda 55 and 65 inch UHD panels have been officially supplied to TV brand customers in the first quarter, and the shipment volume will rise again in the second quarter

TV brand orders increased, and Youda UHD shipments continued to rise in Q2.

under the sharp increase in the orders of large manufacturers of first-line TV brands, pengshuanglang, general manager of Youda (Figure 2), expected that the company's large-size UHD TV panel shipments in the second quarter would grow by as much as twice as those in the first quarter, becoming one of the main driving forces driving the overall revenue and profit rise in the second quarter

at present, the price of 55 inch and 65 inch UHD panels is 1.7~1.8 times higher than that of traditional 1080p resolution panels (Table 1). Peng Shuanglang pointed out that as the price of large-size UHD panels continues to fall, TV brands will significantly increase their willingness to introduce medium and low-end TV product lines, which is expected to accelerate the popularity of UHD TV

in order to improve the opening rate of UHD TV panel pixels and improve the picture fineness, Qunzhuang and Youda have agreed at the recent French speaking meeting that they will continue to invest in the research and development of indium gallium zinc oxide (igzo) technology in 2013

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