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The market regulation of the group of five countries set a record for the sharp rise and fall of natural rubber prices

from the sea 1 All parts of the testing machine should be cleaned frequently and coated with a little oil to avoid rusting after the surface is not painted The rainy season is used for hunting and oil, not in case of dust invasion All door covers shall not be opened frequently to avoid the impact of dust entering the interior of precision parts. Non operators shall be allowed to use them to avoid accidents According to the South natural rubber electronic trading center, the biggest feature of rubber prices this year is the sharp rise and fall. In 2005, the annual price of rubber hovered around 15000 yuan/ton, and the annual comprehensive average price per ton of rubber was 15040 yuan. Up to December 30, it did not exceed 18000 yuan and the elongation was not large Ton mark. However, on the first day of the opening of the spot trading market on January 4, 2006, it reached 18034 yuan/ton. Since then, it has soared, reaching 28900 yuan/ton on May 29, and then falling to 16300 yuan/ton on November 27

according to the analysis of Xingmin, a consultant of the center, the spot market price of Tianjiao is still at a high level of about 17000 yuan/ton, and the annual comprehensive average price per ton of Tianjiao will exceed 20000 yuan. The comprehensive average price of 15040 yuan/ton of Tianjiao in 2005 is the highest price that has not appeared since 1995. This year, the sharp rise and fall of Tianjiao spot market has set a new record

although the relationship between supply and demand determines that the price of natural rubber is still rising in the long term, this is not the main reason for the sharp rise and fall. Xing min analyzed that the main reason for the rise and fall came from the market regulation of the five Southeast Asian rubber groups. Thailand, Malaysia, including Yantai Huayin Rockwell hardness tester use the rubber group composed of Indonesia, Vietnam and India, which controls more than 90% of the global rubber resources. They have great ability to jointly handle the price of Tianjiao. The sharp fall in rubber prices in the fourth quarter was also mainly due to the weakening of the control ability of the five rubber groups

according to Xing min's analysis, it is difficult for the price of natural rubber next year to reach the comprehensive average price of 20000 yuan/ton this year, but it will still run at a high level. The published figures show that Indonesia will reduce its output by 13.6% in 2007, equivalent to a reduction of 330000 tons, which will have a great impact on the balance of supply and demand

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