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It was only last week that the first installment of the home decoration payment was paid. After a week, the workers of the home decoration company found that the home decoration company had long been empty, and the mobile phone of the home decoration boss was also down. It turned out that the home decoration boss had already escaped with the money. Some unfortunate home decoration owners have been fooled by some illegal home decoration companies in order to be greedy for a temporary bargain or relax their vigilance, and the hard-earned home decoration money has evaporated in this way. At present, in the off-season of home decoration, many small home decoration companies are in poor business and face unprofitable situations. More and more home decoration companies are running away. Experts remind home decoration consumers that when choosing home decoration companies at this time, they must recognize the escape deception of illegal home decoration companies to avoid being cheated. Some home decoration companies want to change when they are poor. Due to the recession of the real estate market in Nanjing, most home decoration enterprises have encountered unprecedented pressure, and the number of orders has fallen sharply. Some small home decoration enterprises have begun to default on employees' wages, material merchants and media money, and even large-scale layoffs. In the face of this situation, these small home decoration companies began to think of change when they were in poverty, hit ultra-low decoration prices, attract home decoration consumers to set up, and then take people's down payment to play evaporation. Cui ran, general manager of Nanjing terminator decoration, reminded consumers that they must be careful when choosing home decoration companies. Home decoration is the second household consumption expenditure after buying a house, so they must be careful; Secondly, there have been some cases of small home decoration enterprises running away with money in the off-season in the home decoration market, such as Dix in Beijing, the rise of wind and water in Nanjing, Xingfang decoration, etc. Four aspects of careful observation away from the trap, most owners know a little about home decoration, how to ensure that they are not deceived in the off-season? The reporter recently visited many home decoration companies in Nanjing and summed up four tricks for the majority of consumers. As long as the home decoration owners do a good job of investigating the health, integrity, service and legality of the home decoration company, they can avoid the trap that the home decoration company may escape. 1. Health: consumers can ask the home decoration company for the commencement record of the last three months to see whether the business volume of the home decoration company is saturated and relatively stable, and select 1-2 families from them, and ask the home decoration company to provide the home decoration contract or conduct telephone verification. It is best to go to the home decoration site to understand the situation. We should also pay attention to the investigation of business volume. If the home decoration company takes you to a community with many corporate logo stickers of the company, you will think that the home decoration company has received many businesses in the community. In fact, these may not be their construction sites, but the home decoration company pays some publicity fees to the property management of the community, and the property management of the community hangs them. The second is to investigate whether the staff of the home decoration company is stable, such as designers, project managers, etc. you can inquire about the personnel changes of the home decoration company from the side. If there are many staff leaving or personnel changes frequently, you should be careful. In addition, the owner can ask the home decoration company to provide him with a list of material suppliers' cooperation, from which the decoration owner can spot check the situation of the material suppliers cooperating with the home decoration company, such as floors, cabinets, tiles, etc., to see whether the home decoration company has defaulted on the material supplier's money. In addition, we should pay special attention to the signboard of some home decoration companies with self owned property rights. Remember to see whether the property rights housing is personal assets or company assets. If it is personal assets, the home decoration companies escape, and the assets can not be confiscated. 2. Integrity: when choosing home decoration owners, they should not only listen to the one-sided words of home decoration companies, but also comprehensively understand the integrity of home decoration companies; In this regard, the recognition of customers of a home decoration company is the most important. We can see the number of flags given by customers of this home decoration company. The more flags, the higher the recognition of customers. However, when we look at the spectacular banner array of the home decoration company, we should also keep an eye on it. We can spot check one or two banners and ask the home decoration company to show the construction contract signed between the owner of the banner and the company or directly verify with the owner of the banner by telephone. In addition, in order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the integrity of the home decoration company, the home decoration owner can also go to the relevant complaint department for consultation, such as the media, the administration office, etc. to have a deeper understanding of the home decoration company. When understanding, the owner's mentality is better. It's normal for an enterprise to have investment and demolition. The key is to see the rationality of the complaint and the enterprise's attitude towards complaint handling. However, for word-of-mouth on the Internet, it is suggested that home decoration owners must dialectically look at it in two, because it does not rule out the attacks of opponents, the slander and rumors of owners, and it may also be the excessive rights protection of owners. 3. Service: the most important thing is whether the promises of the home decoration company can be written into the contract and whether they can be faithfully fulfilled. For example, take a Nanjing brand home decoration company as an example. In terms of price, it is strictly forbidden to cut in at a low point and omit quotation. The error between the budget provided to consumers and the final settlement is not more than 1%. The quality of home decoration projects is checked and accepted according to the national standard. If they fail to meet the standard, full compensation will be made, and a fine of 50 yuan will be imposed for delaying working hours for one day. Environmental protection will be written into the contract. If the name, grade and origin of materials are found to be inferior, the owner will be rewarded with 2000 yuan, two-year warranty Five year waterproof warranty, lifetime cost maintenance, etc. 4. Legal: it mainly refers to the qualification of the company. According to the introduction, the enterprise must have two certificates issued by Jiangsu Construction Engineering Administration, one of which is indispensable: safety production license and construction enterprise qualification certificate. Remember that these two certificates must have the seal of Jiangsu Construction Engineering Administration. In addition, on January 1, 2008, Nanjing decoration management regulations were issued, which made it clear that home decoration owners must find qualified enterprises to find home decoration companies, otherwise it is an illegal act. Finally, the reporter reminded the majority of home decoration owners that choosing a home decoration company in this way may be very cumbersome, but it can greatly reduce people's risk. Hearing is false, seeing is true, and we can prove it with practical actions





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