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Recently, Ms. Liu complained that she had been determined to buy the three bedrooms and one living room she now lives in when she saw the soaring housing prices. But after living in, I found that the problem was really great. First, the orientation of the house. When I get up, I can't see the first ray of sunshine in the morning. What's more, I'm speechless. The clothes I just washed are cool on the balcony, and I can't see the sun. Frankly, the clothes are dry in the shade. Who said he didn't know well at the beginning. Besides, ventilation is also a big problem. Summer in Wuhan is really not a hot word. Ms. Liu said that her house faces north. The house is very cold in winter, so the heating must be turned on. Forget it, it's hot in summer. The bathroom or kitchen will be full of unpleasant smell if you are not careful. Many people have encountered the problem of not being satisfied with buying a house, so what should we do in the case of Ms. Liu?? Xiaobian teaches you to make up for various problems caused by the poor orientation of the house through decoration, so that the decoration not only has personality, but also has humanity

houses with poor ventilation can be equipped with fresh air systems

houses with poor orientation often have poor ventilation, especially in muggy summer, we often see some owners open doors all day to help ventilation

it is understood that the fresh air system in the market is divided into simple and with heat recovery. Generally, pipelines need to be arranged, and it is best to design and install it before decoration. For the owners who have been decorated, they can also choose the fresh air system with heat recovery installed in a single machine. It only needs to be hung on the wall like an air conditioner, and a vent with a diameter of about 11 cm can be punched on the outer wall, but its ventilation efficiency and heat exchange efficiency will also be affected

skillfully use partitions to "steal light" during decoration.

in some house types, local spaces can be demolished and modified to achieve the effect of "chiseling walls to steal light" to change the problem of insufficient lighting. For example, connect the closed and narrow dining room in the living room with the small room next to it facing south to bring light

in addition, we can also choose some virtual partitions, such as bead curtains, hollowed out display shelves, etc., to create a continuous effect on the space, and light can pass through

avoid lighting mistakes

installing mirrors and choosing bright furniture and floor tiles are the magic weapons in many people's minds to deal with poor lighting, but the designer reminds that if these methods are used improperly, they may backfire. Mirrors can mainly increase the sense of space and make the sense of space bigger. If it is used to adjust the light, it needs to find the right position. Otherwise, it is useless to put it in a place without light, such as a dark small corridor, because there is no light to reflect, but it will be dazzling to install it in a place with strong reflection

the same is true for bright furniture and floor tiles. Therefore, furniture with rougher surface should be placed where there is enough light. On the contrary, bright furniture should be arranged in darker parts. As for floor tiles, we should choose products that are relatively neutral, such as semi pitted surface, which will not be dazzling and can reflect light

some people believe that Wallpapers cannot be used in rooms with poor lighting, because wallpapers are generally textured and rough, which will absorb light and make the space darker. This statement is reasonable, but owners who like wallpaper can choose plain paper wallpaper without texture to avoid the problem of light absorption

in addition, the designer also reminded that rooms with poor lighting should avoid Chinese and European style decoration as far as possible, because they will appear more oppressive and heavy space. The owner is recommended to try modern, simple, idyllic and other lively styles

adjustment depends on color

insufficient lighting is a common problem for north facing or east facing houses. According to experts, in fact, in actual cases, house type is not the only reason for insufficient lighting, and the blocking of front and rear buildings may also cause this phenomenon. Therefore, some owners bought houses facing south, but the light may still be insufficient due to the close distance between the front and rear buildings. However, this problem belongs to the "hard injury" of the house type, which can only be corrected by future design

first, owners can use the contrast of space colors to improve the overall brightness. Many people think that as long as light colors or bright colors are used in dark house types, they can achieve the effect of brightening. However, due to the lack of light, these bright colors will look gray and have no effect at all. On the contrary, if black, which is considered unusable, is used together with white to create a strong contrast, it can make people feel bright visually. Of course, color is not limited to black and white. Other colors with strong contrast can be boldly used as long as they are well matched

artificial light source supplement

color adjustment is only one aspect. According to specific needs, some artificial light sources should also be supplemented. However, the lamp is not installed at will. According to the house type and specific use conditions, the amount of light source required in the room should be calculated as a whole, otherwise it will cause waste. In addition, chandeliers, spotlights, vertical lights and other comprehensive applications are often used in the design. The use of many elements will have certain requirements on the floor height, and the owner should choose according to the actual situation of his house type





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