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China Unicom and Spain Telecom set up a joint venture: layout big data services

today, China Unicom and Spain Telecom announced the establishment of Smart Steps Digital Technology Co., Ltd Based on China Unicom's basic communication network and market experience, as well as Spain Telecom's technology in big data services such as smart footprint, the joint venture company jointly provides big data application services in China

China Unicom and Spain Telecom respectively hold 55% and 45% of the equity of the joint venture, which will be listed as early as 2015 and operated and managed according to the market-oriented mechanism

it is understood that smart footprint uses anonymous, aggregated and extrapolated network data to quickly provide valuable location and trajectory insight services through highly automated and deep noise reduction processing

both sides said that exports to developed countries are medium to low, so the performance depends mainly on what the boss asks you to do rather than what you think you should do. The smart footprint has been successfully used in European and Latin American markets for several years, with features such as location accuracy, product standardization, scene scale application, etc. It is expected that this business will be applied to traffic operation and construction, urban planning, tourism management, public safety, financial risk control, commercial real estate and retail analysis, business consulting and macro data statistics in China

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