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China Unicom big data signed a cooperation agreement with Chengdu hi tech Zone on November 23, China Unicom big data Co., Ltd. and Chengdu hi tech Zone officially signed a cooperation agreement on China Unicom Chengdu international big data intelligent industry base project in Chengdu. This cooperation aims to build a world leading big data platform with the concept of win-win cooperation

according to the agreement, the big data intelligent industrial base project will focus on the construction of the big data platform of the high tech Zone. Through Unicom's data capabilities such as cross industry data collection and integration, big machinery performance can not be reduced data analysis, platform integration, etc., it will integrate the data of government commissions, enterprises and Unicom's own data around the Chengdu new economy exhibition and operation center, the big data application center of the high tech Zone and the Chengdu urban emergency dispatching center, Further deepen the connection between government and enterprises and the public, dig deeper into data value services, gradually realize the high-tech zone government to provide them with carbon fiber semi curing material system cloudization, data aggregation, sharing and trading, and provide data support services for government governance, risk control management, tourism, etc. At the same time, the security system and operation system will work together to form a platform + three centers + two systems, and build a benchmark for the development of big data industry in Chengdu and even Sichuan Province

it is reported that the big data intelligent industrial base will also build a first-class big data artificial intelligence maker space based on the big data open platform of China Unicom, and create a demonstration area for data convergence and sharing, helping mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and big data innovation and application. The demonstration zone will open up data resources and platform capabilities for makers and the public, encourage excellent high-tech enterprises to conduct on-site modeling, and provide more and better innovative big data applications for Chengdu high tech industrial zone. The government of the high tech Zone will provide supporting policies such as taxation and talent introduction for settled enterprises to promote the formation of a solid and sound big data industrial ecological environment in Chengdu high tech Zone. The cooperation between China Unicom and Chengdu high tech Zone will surely show that Chengdu's new economy will move towards a new milestone

Unicom big data company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Unicom, has gathered massive data resources of China Unicom and formed systematic and multi-level product capabilities, including eight major products: label system, capability open platform, woji index, risk control platform, digital marketing, smart footprint, government big data and tourism big data. It is the centralized operation subject of China Unicom's big data external business application and the joint venture and cooperation platform for industrial expansion

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