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Unidrive SP is available for mining

the kostolac large open pit coal mine located about 90 km southeast of Belgrade adopts the heavy-duty AC drive of Emerson CT

after fierce competition, the local drive experts of Emerson CT: Master inzenjering d.o.o. of Subotica and "Marbach" said that the long-term system partner and motor system manufacturer ATB sever jointly won this prestigious contract. This is a government contract based on a complex scoring system including price, technical solutions, experience and local support. Petar mikovic, the project manager of ATB sever, commented: "the close working relationship between us and Emerson CT and master engineering, as well as the experience of such programs and customer support, jointly contributed to the signing of the contract."

atb sever provides customers with a complete turnkey solution, including electronic control panel, software, motor, all electrical and field commissioning

the te Ko kostolac mine owned by the government is the second largest open pit coal mine in Serbia, which directly supplies coal for nearby coal-fired power plants. This application drives and controls a large two-piece drive belt system to remove soil and rock above the coal seams

the unit provides four 315KW heavy-duty unidrive SP independent drives, each equipped with a PROFIBUS module that can communicate directly with the central PLC and ESA HMI panel. Compact size and modular format for easy installation and maintenance are the key factors for selecting these drives. The drives can be installed in a clean electrical switch room with expanded lithium salt capacity in the transmission station

these four drives can operate under the unique open-loop RFC mode of Emerson CT, and control two roller compaction drums. Each roller compaction drum constructed by the independent innovation pilot project has a motor of 315 kW and 1490 rpm at one end. The control system monitors the load and adjusts the speed of the drive to ensure an even distribution of motor power

in case of fault, the system can operate three or even two motors. In most cases, the transmission experimenter can complete the basic control of the experimental machine. The belt feeding operates at a full speed of 50Hz/4.5m/s. However, in order to reduce energy consumption, the system will automatically reduce the speed under light load

the excavator loads the soil into a 1.6m wide load conveyor system, which transports the load to the distribution conveyor. The two belts can be moved to the required position through the track system, with a total length of up to 2 km. The load during 24-hour daily operation is fairly uniform, and the system capacity varies between 3000 and 5000 tons/hour according to the characteristics of loaded soil and rock

unidrive SP independent control rooms offer prefabricated solutions in small space enclosures and at competitive prices. So far, customers believe that the product has been strongly verified on site. The product also provides industry-leading communication, feedback options, a variety of operation modes (including energy-saving four quadrant operation) and a high degree of programmability

petar mikovic added: "the project is progressing very smoothly, and we have focused on the next important plan." (end)

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