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In order to better serve customers and provide more customized enterprise communication solutions for local customers, unity and qiangxun technology, one of the third-party application product suppliers, have successfully passed the qiangxun call center system and talentel on the openscapebusiness platform of unity_ HCM Hotel communication management system and dispatching system have passed the certification test of qiangxun call center system and talentel on openscape4000 platform_ The two major systems of HCM Hotel communication management system are caused by various certification tests. This indicates that unify will provide more localization solutions to the market and users. Talking about this cooperation, qiangxun said that it has been doing business with unity since the Siemens era, and it agrees with the products and Strategies of unity. It also believes that this cooperation can better promote business development

let's take a look at the functions that qiangxun application products can achieve on the platform provided by unify:

call center system

callthink call center system is a call center solution launched for enterprises. The products include PBX, CTI, ivr/fax, recording monitoring, report statistics, CRM, etc. it has all the functional modules of the call center

talentel_ HCM Hotel communication management system

talentel_ HCM Hotel communication management system is composed of hotel management system (PMS) and hotel management system interface (PMSI). PMS can select the hotel management system of professional manufacturers such as ChinaSoft, xiruan, Qianlima and taineng, or the hotel's hotel management system

talentel_ HCMs Hotel communication management system provides the following types of services:

Hotel voice mailbox

hotel management system interface -pmsi (checkin/out, room change, setting extension permissions, etc.)

Hotel voice confirmation system (minibar, room status, etc.)

fax server (optional)

hotel internal monitoring management system

Hotel billing system (optional)

hotel attendant console (optional)

provide the interface with the hotel management system and PBX

recording and monitoring module (optional)

dispatching system

dispatching desk system (referred to as DDS dispatchdesk system for short) as a special communication equipment in the production command and dispatching system. With the characteristics of convenient operation, strong real-time and high reliability, it is widely used in many fields such as electric power, transportation, public security, fire protection, aviation, petrochemical, metallurgy, factories and mines

talentel DDS dispatching and recording system is composed of several DDS dispatching units, which can complete all functions of the dispatching desk. A DDS dispatching unit 28 is composed of a dispatching control module and more than one dispatching console when the load exceeds the rated value by 3 ~ 10%. The dispatching control module mainly realizes the following functions: at present,

a, provides the interface with the switch and the interface with the dispatching console

b. realize non blocking switching and all functions of dispatching calls; Realize all functions of recording; Obtain the user port, trunk and other information of the switch; Transmit the command of the dispatching console to the host to realize the function of the dispatching control switch

the dispatcher console is mainly responsible for the following functions:

a, providing the dispatcher's operation interface

b. management of various parameters and data of the system

c, real-time display of the status of the whole system, including internal lines, external lines and scheduling

through this cooperation, the budget threshold has been lowered, the customized needs of users have been met, the price advantage and competitiveness of unify products in the domestic market have been increased, and a new cooperation mode has been created, marking another step of milestone significance in the localization of unity. We look forward to this cooperation to generate business opportunities as soon as possible. We believe that more localization solutions will be put into practice in the future, and we will work hard in the Chinese market to gain more market share

about unify

unify is a brand of communication and collaboration solutions under ATOS. As the core of ATOS digital workplace product portfolio, unify technology enables organizations of all sizes to change the way they collaborate and create a more closely connected and efficient workforce, thereby significantly improving team performance, employee engagement and business efficiency

unify products uphold scientific and technological innovation, reliability and flexibility. The award-winning solution provides an intuitive user experience, which can be realized through almost all devices, any deployment method, cloud or local deployment. Relying on the secure digital platform, industry solutions and transformation services of a steel and aluminum, unity has set global standards for rich and reliable collaborative experience, helping the team achieve excellence

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