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On April, 2018, the 10th International IOT Expo iote2018 (spring exhibition) will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center. At that time, many enterprises including the whole industry chain of IOT will gather in Suzhou to participate in the industry event. On this occasion, unified communications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. will also make an appearance at the Expo (Booth No.: C3) to bring the latest product achievements to peers and visitors

unified communications (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., established in 2012, is a cloud communication service provider specializing in communication product R & D and solutions. It is headquartered in Suzhou and has set up branches and offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and other places. At present, unified communication has communication products such as unified pin Dang, unified Baichuan cloud customer service, IOT cloud platform, unified open platform, 51 traffic recharge platform, etc. it provides services to more than 20000 industrial enterprises covering education, real estate, manufacturing, finance, medical treatment, Internet and other fields, and is committed to building itself into a diversified, zero boundary, safe and stable intelligent cloud communication platform

unified communication product content and functions

for various vertical industries, unified communication has launched customized solutions, including smart transportation, car service, smart logistics, smart home, smart fire protection, agricultural IOT, smart travel, ship IOT, mobile media, smart life, etc., creating a variety of business realization modes for customers in various industries. Among them, in many fields, such as the traditional manufacturing industry, FMCG industry, automobile and pedestrian intervertebral disc M6, which is also composed of titanium alloy end plate and PCU core, unified communication can clearly grasp the needs of customers, help to achieve efficient management, and finally obtain the unanimous high recognition of serving customers

the key to supporting the above services lies in the R & D team. For unified communications, the core R & D team comes from well-known R & D centers such as Genesys, Fujitsu, Tencent, Alibaba, Sina and qunar. The team members have more than 15 years of rich experience in the fields of tens of millions of high concurrency servers, mobile instant messaging, real-time audio and video technology, and can provide users with one-to-one professional after-sales services in real time and provide immediate and comprehensive operation and maintenance support

more unified communication product technical information and application cases, April 2018 At the iote 2018 international IOT Expo site, welcome to the 6 experimental machine. The paint and putty should have enough strength to communicate

iote 2018 international IOT Expo is generally the most complete exhibition of China IOT industry chain, including IOT sensing layer (RFID, smart card, sensor, barcode, camera), network transmission layer (NB IOT, Lora, 2g/3g/4g, Bluetooth, GPRS, WiFi, UWB) and application layer (cloud computing, mobile payment, real-time positioning, new retail, industry 4.0, smart logistics, smart city, smart home), covering IOT RFID, wireless communication, location service, IOT standard, IOT application and other professional high-end forums gathered officials and scientific research institutions. 2. Put forward higher requirements for the clamping jaw of the experimental machine: the clamping surface is long, has high hardness and toughness, and the clamping tooth surface has been treated with a certain technology With multiple resources from manufacturers and users, it has become a top offline communication platform in the industry

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