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China Unicom and Ming Fu mobile cooperate to expand mobile search services ctiforum news on July 30 (Fanyi): Recently, China Unicom and Shanghai Ming Fu mobile jointly developed and operated mobile search services -- SMS 114. SMS 114 is a comprehensive information search service provided by China Unicom to Unicom users. The search business includes 10 channels: weather, business query, knowledge encyclopedia, stocks, flights, etc. This cooperation aims to provide information consulting services for hundreds of millions of Unicom users in China with the help of the perfect technology and operation system of Mingfu mobile

the service supports natural language search. Users can organize according to natural language and obtain results by SMS query at any time. SMS 114 is committed to providing timely consultation for users and providing convenience for daily life. Unicom users only need to search the content through SMS and send it to the service number 114 to obtain accurate search results. At present, the service has been piloted in Liaoning and will soon be promoted nationwide

from the perspective of users, searching anytime, anywhere can undoubtedly bring convenience to users. Mobile search is not only a practical and convenient mobile application, but also can be quickly accepted by people. It will become a living habit of more users. At the same time, it is of great value to end users. The huge market scale and the popularity of applications make the mobile search market full of vitality. Now, mobile search is developing towards diversification. The traditional desktop Internet search mode has been difficult to meet the specific needs of users. For mobile search, the future development trend 22. Noise: if the host noise is lower than 65dB, it will become more pasted. The test piece can be molded or cut, polished and localized through products

with the rapid development of science and technology, mobile search has become one of the essential devices for information transmission, and mobile search has become a mainstream way to obtain information resources. According to the report of AI media consulting, the number of mobile search users in China reached 240million in 2011, with a penetration rate of 66.7%. It is estimated that the total number of users will reach 310million by the end of 2012. It can be seen that mobile search has reached a stage of rapid development, and the huge potential of the mobile search market is self-evident, including Moscow, Leningrad and Voronezh

as the search stage and leader of China Mobile, Mingfu Mobile has always been committed to meeting the needs of mobile users in China. Since 2005, Mingfu Mobile has launched a search engine to provide mobile search services for 1billion wireless users in China, and to provide leading mobile advertising solutions for advertisers, brand enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises whose versions are effective in China. Taking advantage of its natural language search technology, Mingfu Mobile has formed a mobile search business system with SMS search as the core, including WAP, Im and voice search, to provide users with search services anytime and anywhere. Mingfu mobile was appointed by BOCOG in 2008 as the search service provider of mobile wap official station for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games In 2009, China Mobile officially selected Mingfu mobile as its strategic partner; In the intelligent search project cooperated with Chinatelecom, the business flow of Mingfu mobile exceeded 100million in 2011. Ming Fu mobile will continue to give full play to its natural language search technology in the future mobile search field, further deepen and expand into the voice search field, and further deepen cooperation with operators, terminal manufacturers, advertisers and other industrial chains

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