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Unicom launched this new product, focusing on the 10 billion industrial UAV market

recently, the "wotianyu" UAV cloud platform jointly created by China Unicom Yunnan branch, China Unicom Research Institute and Tianyu Jingwei (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was officially released

according to biintelligence, the sales of unmanned aircraft will exceed 12billion US dollars in 2021, with a compound annual growth rate of 7.6%. Consumer UAVs, commercial UAVs and government UAVs are the three categories that drive the growth of the UAV industry. In 2021, the shipment of consumer UAVs will reach 29million, with a compound annual growth rate of 31.3%. At the same time, the company's UAV shipments will reach 805000, with a five-year compound annual growth rate of 51%. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 400 UAV manufacturers in China, which is the supplier of 70% of the global UAV demand market

industry level UAVs are in the blue ocean market

now the consumer UAV market is in the red ocean with great competition. However, due to the different understanding of the industrial prospect, most enterprises compete in a few fields in some new material segments, and users' understanding of UAV applications is not in place. As far as the technology itself is concerned, most UAVs are based on "one station, one aircraft" and require remote control by ground control vehicles. With the increase of UAVs, there will be "multiple aircraft, multiple vehicles". If the UAV is monitored by satellite, the cost will be too high. It is more suitable for high-altitude and large-scale UAV applications. At the same time, it also puts forward higher design requirements for the UAV itself, and has higher requirements for the site. It is not suitable for popularization, which limits the development of the UAV industry

UAVs are generally limited by the measurement and control radius, unable to fly long distances, massive data transmission and processing, time-consuming and inefficient, and it is difficult to achieve real-time live broadcasting and rapid mapping, which restrict the application value; Autonomous flight and multi aircraft formation are faced with identity recognition and position perception problems, which endanger air traffic safety and even threaten the flight safety of manned aircraft. Efficiency and safety have become the focus of the industry, and real-time perception that breaks through the limitations of time and space is the core pain point. In short, from the aspects of R & D, manufacturing, control and application, the development of UAV industry is far from the expected goal. The UAV industry is still in its infancy, especially the industry-class UAV is still in the blue ocean market

need to explore new measurement and control methods

stateless battery technology development plan (man-machine industry oriented to ensure real-time data) the network urgently needs to explore new measurement and control methods, which need to be overcome in combination with the current situation, and make China the second country after Germany to master gas-phase photochemical reaction technology in terms of system capacity and coverage, intelligent control, safety management, business types, etc

"wotianyu" UAV cloud platform was born with the trend. It is the first one-stop service platform for commercial operation of civil UAV in China. It is committed to achieving strong real-time, long-distance, cross regional, highly reliable and low-cost UAV flight collaborative measurement and control, providing cloud, automated, intelligent, high security and multi-mode data storage, distribution, analysis and processing. It is oriented to oil and gas pipeline inspection, highway inspection, agriculture and forestry operations Marine hydrological monitoring, mineral exploration, border patrol, security and anti-terrorism, remote sensing mapping and other industrial applications provide full process solutions including airspace approval, fleet management and control, flight planning, data processing, information distribution, comprehensive insurance and other businesses

in addition, the "wotianyu" cloud platform has obtained the UAV cloud system license and the civil UAV operation license from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. It integrates the national level 0~19 20m geographic elevation data, real-time airspace and meteorological data, and can automatically generate planned routes according to different mission types and operation requirements, so as to intelligently avoid flight safety risks such as intervisibility blocking, terrain blocking, abrupt weather changes, route restrictions, etc, The flight plan that has passed the verification can be quickly submitted for approval and loaded in real time, and the UAV can realize one key navigation and autonomous operation. It is especially worth mentioning that the measurement and control of 251 km mountain UAV on Yunnan Guizhou Plateau jointly developed by the three parties has successfully realized the whole process real-time communication and normalized round-trip flight of UAV

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