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The study is a place for study and work. Many people are very particular about the decoration, because the quality of the study geomantic omen is likely to affect their family's career, students, wealth and so on. So what should we pay attention to when decorating the study? How to see the geomantic taboo in the study? The following Xiaobian will introduce Feng Shui taboos in the decoration of your study

Feng Shui taboo 1 for study decoration: the study cannot be set in the master bedroom to avoid violating the position of fetal God

many of us like to share the study and bedroom in life, which saves space and is convenient for reading. Some people like to put their study in the bedroom. Before going to bed, the book sits or lies on the bed. When they are tired, they go to bed. But from the perspective of geomantic omen, the study should not be set in the master bedroom, otherwise it will offend the fetal God, which is unfavorable to the hostess in the house

study decoration Feng Shui taboo 2: the study, desk things can't be placed facing the door

the study, desk things can't be placed facing the door, that is to say, you stand at the door of the study and look forward and backward, and you can't place things within the straight range of the corners of your eyes, otherwise you are prone to door rush, which will lead to reading in the study or workers' inattention, poor career or study

Feng Shui taboo 3 in study decoration: the color of the study should not be too complex

the color of the study is generally light, such as light green, light blue, etc., which is conducive to careful learning. And too complex colors are easy to make adults feel trance and sleepy, and it is hard to study and work

Feng Shui taboo 4 in study decoration: don't lean against the door behind the desk

leaning against the door behind the desk has the meaning of being ignored or unsure. In this way, if you are a student, you will not get the attention of the teacher, and the people who work will not get the attention and promotion of the leaders in their careers

Feng Shui taboo 5 in study decoration: toilets should not be set inside the study

toilets are places that meet our certain physiological needs, but the nature of toilets determines that they cannot be set casually. There is a toilet in the study, which is easy to pollute the study and bury people's intelligence

Feng Shui taboo 6 for study decoration: home appliances should not be placed in the study

home appliances should not be placed in the study as far as possible. The radiation of home appliances is large, which is easy to cause headache and cannot be studied carefully

Feng Shui taboo 7 in study decoration: the desk should not be near the window and in the middle

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1: 123 the next page. The desk is near the window, which is easy to cause the feeling of hopelessness in the air. If the desk is placed in the center, it is easy to have the effect of isolation and helplessness around. Whether it is career or study, it will not be obvious

Feng Shui taboo 8 for study decoration: there should not be beams pressing on the top of the study

beams pressing on the study, which is easy to make people depressed. There is another kind of dream. In such an environment, work and career are poor, just as unrealistic as a dream

Feng Shui taboo 9 in study decoration: the size of the desk should be moderate, and the material wood is better.

the size of the desk has its auspicious size, so don't make a mistake. The desk should not be too large or too small. The lucky size suitable for you is like the clothes tailored for you, and you look so coordinated. Bookcase bookcase should be made of wood. The wooden bookcase helps to increase Yang Qi, and the wood is flexible, which makes people feel peaceful and conducive to learning

Feng Shui taboo 10 for study decoration: study should not be decorated disorderly

study decoration many people like to paste idol pictures on the wall disorderly, which is easy to produce insanity, nightmares, nausea, etc. If a pot of evergreen can be placed in the study, the effect will be very good, symbolizing the longevity of talent

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nowadays, home decoration can no longer only meet the basic requirements of improving the living environment and improving the living quality. While pursuing high quality of life, many owners are also concerned about the impact of decoration on the spirit. In the face of all kinds of decoration, which layout can promote work, health and wealth

first, spatial structure

the spatial structure and orientation of the room determine the overall Feng Shui of the room. If the structure and orientation are not easy to change, the layout should be based on the five elements of the owner and orientation. This can improve the fortune as much as possible

I wish you a hand in the Southeast

this position has the heat of heaven and earth that can make life smooth. People whose bedrooms are in the southeast direction will act smoothly, and they will soon be promoted, having an enviable happy life. At the same time, being able to get the help of relatives and friends, it is easy to find the way to make a fortune

air circulation and good fortune

in Feng Shui, air flow represents the operation of good fortune. Therefore, the air in the house must circulate smoothly before it can be successful. Generally speaking, after opening the window, the wind blowing into the house from the outside should be gentle and soft

second, decorative color

nowadays, many people know some color psychology. Classic bright colors will make people excited and happy, and their thoughts will be more positive. And the cold tone will make the mood calmer, making people more peaceful and peaceful. Therefore, different colors can be used in different rooms for reasonable collocation. The right color is not only very beneficial to health, but also can affect wealth

red carpet makes you rich

red represents happiness, enthusiasm, boldness and enterprising. In geomantic omen, red is the color of fortune. Choosing red carpet can make the family full of energy, conducive to career and accept treasure

the south is dotted with green to gather vitality

green means vitality. Placing green plants in the south of the bedroom can not only add green beauty, but also promote the better aspects of interpersonal relations, which is conducive to the family's access to wealth

III. furniture is a necessity of home, and the layout of furniture will also affect the positive energy of the room

the mirror cannot face the door

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