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With the continuous improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life. Lighting belonging to lamps and lanterns is promoted because of this demand. Although lighting also belongs to lamps and lanterns, it is also a lighting lamp, but it has more artistic sublimation than ordinary lighting lamps and lanterns, making lamps and lanterns look more beautiful and have more interest in life. Today, Xiaobian introduced the decoration method of hall lighting for Wuhan decoration owners

lighting lighting is selected according to the decoration style

the atmosphere created by lighting in the room is very comfortable visually. Lighting with different effects can be selected according to different decoration styles. If it is well matched, it is simply a work of art and is quite enjoyable in ordinary life

four divisions of lighting lighting

lighting lighting modes can be divided into local lighting, overall lighting, reflective lighting and combined lighting. The visual effects achieved by these lighting modes are also quite different, which can be selected according to specific needs. Generally, it is better to find a decoration company to design lamps and lanterns

local lighting is the lighting in a part of the space, also known as directional lighting. The light emitted by lamps and lanterns is scattered in all directions. In order to achieve the local effect, it is necessary to use a lampshade or the like to block, so as to achieve the local effect, so that various lampshades can illuminate different local lighting effects, many of which can give people a wonderful feeling

the overall lighting is to irradiate the whole space. Our ordinary lighting fixtures generally have this effect, and nothing is used to block it. If we don't add some things, the overall effect of lighting is no different from that of ordinary lighting fixtures. Therefore, a special lampshade is added around the lamp. Of course, this lampshade is generally transparent, The light will have a strong effect after it is emitted from the show lampshade

reflective lighting is also called indirect lighting. The lampshade is used to control the light, so that the light first shines on the wall or ceiling, and then reflects back, forming a special effect. This kind of light and shadow effect is very delicate, which can produce a good atmosphere like warmth

combined lighting is the combination of the previous lighting methods. This lighting method has great advantages. Through different controls and changes, many rich effects can be achieved, which is also the lighting method that many people will choose

although there are only these four lighting methods, they are displayed through different combinations, forming many unique and beautiful effects




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