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in the rainy season, especially in the south, the walls of many friends' houses are prone to damp and mildew. It will not only affect the beauty of the wall, but also cause the indoor to be troubled by moisture and musty smell for a long time. In order to prevent moisture and mildew on the walls of the home

first of all, in southern cities with heavy rainfall, the key is to choose wall paint with good waterproof and mildew resistance. Choosing the wall paint with remarkable antibacterial and mildew proof effect is the best solution to prevent moisture, mildew and other problems

secondly, when the latex paint dries slowly during decoration, you can take a dehumidifier to dehumidify after construction to reduce the humidity in the indoor air. In addition, pay attention to closing the windows in the morning and evening to minimize the entry of moist gas

finally, daily moisture-proof maintenance should be done well

desert oasis paint has recently developed and launched mold proof and antibacterial interior wall emulsion paint. This product has superior performance and perfect application of plant mold proof patents. It is specially designed for mold spots and stains on the walls of basements, garages, warehouses and other walls that are easy to regain moisture. It takes care of the walls in an all-round way, even in the rainy plum rain season and humid back to the south, so you have no worries!! The product has been officially launched. Welcome to consult and order

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