Kanoya wardrobe carves your time with craftsmanshi

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Canoya wardrobe has always set high standards for itself, committed to providing the most considerate service to every consumer, and has always been a craftsman's heart to make consumers live a better and leisurely life

6 tiangai hotels and 19 tiangai buildings, we are in a hurry to catch up with the city's GDP and pursue the law of "only fast, not broken". However, there are other people, who adhere to the spirit of craftsman, focus on the rigorous pursuit of perfection, and carefully carve, just for the sake of making your home more perfect and making your life more elegant and leisurely. These craftsmen are Kanoya's custom wardrobe

the popularity of customized wardrobe dates back to Europe and the United States in the 1980s. At that time, customized wardrobe has become one of the necessary furniture for European and American families. It was introduced into China around 2000. It has developed for only more than ten years, but it has become the best choice for urban top-notch families. All because customized wardrobe is different from finished wardrobe, it has more flexibility, humanization, and higher requirements for plate and environmental protection

Kanoya is an outstanding person in the field of customized wardrobe, the earliest established wardrobe brand in China, a decade old influential brand in China's wardrobe industry, a famous brand in China and other honorary witnesses, covering R & D, design, production, sales, service and other sectors. With the strength support of more than 500 franchised stores across the country, it has been moved by more than 4 million families. It is an innovator and leader of customized wardrobe

board - national standard environmental protection materials are selected, and the formaldehyde emission is lower than that of apple, which is truly formaldehyde free life; From wear to scratch, the plate has passed a number of mechanical property tests, with heavy checks and quality assurance

hardware - choose the famous German Hardware brand "heitisch" to serve customers with Germany's cutting-edge technology, with patented guide rails, pulleys, high standard accessories and quality assurance

decors and crafts - impression white, Plateau snow oak and other more than 20 color schemes, which are matched with the house; Top edge banding, veneering and other exquisite workmanship, more trustworthy, superior home protection

among all the objects made by Seiko, the most precious and irreplaceable is the word "human". Canoya wardrobe starts from human experience and feeling, and brings quality enjoyment and quality life to every family




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