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product diagram:

Product Model: h050 GP/AC/CP

Product Color: red bronze/bright chromium/bright gold

Product Function Description:

1 Standard size double fast anti-theft fireproof lock body: the existing anti-theft door can be easily upgraded; The lock body adopts class a fire protection standard design, and the key core components are made of 304 precision cast stainless steel

2. Patented gear box type deceleration clutch mechanism: large thrust, long service life and good reliability

3. Hierarchical management and simple operation

4. Blade structure locking: the mutual opening rate is extremely low, which effectively prevents tin and platinum from unlocking (12 blades, 4 levels, theoretical key amount of 16.7 million)

5. Low power design, 4 batteries power supply: service life of more than 1 year

6. 5V micro USB external power supply and data download: when the battery is completely dead, you can use the data cable to connect the micro USB data download interface at the bottom of the outer panel and the laptop or mobile phone power bank to open the door, or you can download the data to the computer for future reference

product parameters:

lock body material: 304 precision cast stainless steel lock tongue and core structural parts, which can pass the fire test

panel material: zinc alloy

standard lock body: 60*68 double quick lock body, standard lock side plate 24*240

applicable door thickness: 40-90mm

door opening method: sensing card Key

working power supply: 6V four 5 aa batteries

emergency power supply: 5V micro USB

working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 60 ° C

relative humidity: 20% ~ 95%

quiescent current: ≤ 30 μ A

dynamic current: ≤ 200mA

sensing distance: 0 ~ 3cm

card type: 13.56MHz iso14443 type a card

executive standard: ga374-2001, gb21556-2008





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