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Fuzhou zhanchen cuisine meets your imagination of Fujian cuisine

Fuzhou zhanchen cuisine meets your imagination of Fujian cuisine

Fuzhou zhanchen management team cheers for Fuzhou Station

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razor clam with pepper and salt

razor clam contains protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine and other ingredients, which can replenish deficiency, promote water and detoxify. It is a specialty of Fujian coastal areas. There are many ways to make razor clams, stewed, stewed, fried. Today's pepper and salt dish tastes not only crispy, but also delicious

braised chicken with potatoes

braised chicken with potatoes has a good color and taste, and has a pleasant aroma. It is oily but not greasy. It has a unique taste. Both chicken and potatoes are very tasty and fragrant

sauerkraut fish

sauerkraut fish is a classic Sichuan dish from the mountain city of Chongqing. It is famous for its unique seasoning and unique cooking techniques. The fish is fresh, tender, sour and spicy. It is fresh and refreshing, appetizing and invigorating, sobering and refreshing, and the soup is delicious. I hope you can taste this unique dish

litchi meat

litchi meat is a characteristic traditional famous dish in Fuzhou, Putian and other places in Fujian Province, which belongs to Fujian cuisine. It has a history of twoorthree years. Because the raw materials include white water chestnuts and pork cut into cross knives, it gets its name because it looks like litchi after cooking. Litchi meat has the unique characteristics of Fujian cuisine and tastes sour, sweet and delicious

home cooked tofu

home cooked tofu is a delicious food for all ages. Tofu is the crystallization of Chinese Dietary Wisdom, and beans have a place in all kinds of cuisines. It is a delicious food with high protein, nutritional value and medical function

pepper streaky pork

streaky pork is cooked with the skin. The skin can thicken the soup, make the meat bright, and make different flavor changes. Pepper is rich in vitamin C, which can control heart disease and coronary arteriosclerosis, and reduce cholesterol; It contains more antioxidants, which can prevent cancer and other chronic diseases; It can make the respiratory tract unblocked and can be used to treat cough and cold

tea mushroom duck soup

the duck raised in Fuzhou zhanchen backyard, coupled with the cooking of a beautiful chef, adds more flavor to this tea mushroom duck soup. As a saying goes, duck soup in hot weather, chicken soup in cold weather and duck soup with tea tree mushrooms are very suitable for tonic in autumn. Tea tree mushroom duck soup tastes delicious, has high nutritional value, and has certain medicinal effects, so everyone likes it very much in dry autumn

ants go up the tree

ants go up the tree, and minced meat is pasted on fans. Ants are gluten rice, trees are fans, and dishes are named after shapes, which are lifelike. The taste is light, smooth and delicious, and the color is red and bright. The vermicelli are oily, soft and tender, with crispy gluten and unique flavor




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